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BestSeller Incipio IP-902 Sale!

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Category: Electronics

Brand: Incipio

Model: IP-902

Availability: FREE SHIPPING (USA)

List Price : N/A

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Incipio IP-902 Product reviews

Incipio IP-902 Review by the Lorax (Southern California)

The Good:

It's very easy to remove and put on.
It has a comfortable feel
Price is pretty reasonable.

The not so good:

It's somewhat loose fitting
The case makes the power button hard to press
The rubber tends to attract dust and lint

Overall its a pretty decent case that I plan to use until Switcheasy creates a new case for the 4G.

Incipio IP-902 Review by NV

Love it! Came with silicon flexi cover for Ipod Touch 4G and screen protector. All fits perfectly and Ipod looks great!

Incipio IP-902 Review by EIBP

The cover fits like a custom-made glove. The volume and power controls are easily useable while being covered and protected. The only backdraw is the color. For being bright purple it looks more fushia - even to all who have seen it since receiving. VERY good product for someone who wants a "soft" cover rather than a hardshell.

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Incipio iPod touch 4th Gen dermaSHOT Silicone Case (Bright Purple) Description

The dermaSHOT for iPod touch 4G is a tight fitting, high density silicone case with a silky anti-static coating giving users full function while in the case.

  • Includes a Video Stand for horizontal viewing

  • Tight fitting anti-slip case for your iPod touch 4G

  • Smooth to the touch

  • Precision molded to the shape of the iPod touch providing a perfect fit and excellent access to all of the iPod features

  • Unparalleled value priced protection

  • Item Dimensions: 5 x 2 x 0 inches; 0 pounds

  • Brand: Incipio

  • Model: IP-902

  • Product Type: Electronics

...

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LUVVITT BLKSLID51 Consumers Report

Read top consumer ratings: LUVVITT BLKSLID51


Category: Electronics


Model: BLKSLID51

Availability: Available every day.

List Price : N/A

Special Prices:

LUVVITT BLKSLID51 Consumers Report

LUVVITT BLKSLID51 Review by TimandNancy

My wife and I both have iPads. We liked these cases but couldn't decide on colors so we ended up purchasing one of each color (4 in total)as it's not expensive. Black is mine and pink is my wife's and we use blue and clear ones in rotation. These cases are so fun. The design is absolutely beautiful and they are very practical to put on and off easily without scratching the ipad. It protects the ipad well. There is access for earbuds, charger and buttons. If you're thinking to get one of these, definitely go for it.

LUVVITT BLKSLID51 Review by Marcy Morales

I have shopped around before purchasing this one and I'm glad with my choice. It has a beautiful design, fits my ipad snugly and provides great protection. Qualitywise it looks really good. My previous case was of same kind but the transparent rubber was not as clear as this one, it was more cloudy. I've purchased all four colors. This case is excellent in my opinion

LUVVITT BLKSLID51 Review by Pete

I own two colors of this fantastic case. It's a perfect fit. It seems like the case just doesn't get old no matter how and where you use it. No scratches whatsoever. I'm totally pleased with the look and the quality. Thanks.

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LUVVITT BLKSLID51:: Description

You won't see this case in every other person who is holding an iPad near you, because this is a limited edition case. LUVVITT designs your iPad case in New York by talented high-end fashion designers who are experienced in high-profile fashion companies. The quantities are limited for each exclusive design to ensure uniqueness. The see-through Luvvitt Candy Case will provide great protection without adding bulk. It's beautiful, abstract design will considerably enhance the look of your iPad. The unique design is not the only property of this case: this high-end, lightweight case is made of high-quality, very sturdy, tear&damage resistant Japanese Thermoplastic Polyurethane. It's much stronger and has longer life than silicone cases. Fits your iPad like a glove. It takes just a few seconds to put on and take off. Enhance, protect and showcase your iPad with this limited-edition brilliant Luvvitt Candy Case while supplies last. LUVVITT - follow the trend in your style..

LUVVITT BLKSLID51 : Limited time offer!

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Best Offer Pioneer TS-A1673R On Sale!Cheap

Best Offer Pioneer TS-A1673R On Sale!Cheap

How To Save Up To 70% OFF Pioneer TS-A1673R On Weekly Sales


Category: Electronics

Brand: Pioneer

Model: TS-A1673R

Availability: FREE SHIPPING (USA)

List Price : N/A

Discount: Check Price Here!

Pioneer TS-A1673R Reviews

Pioneer TS-A1673R Review by Michael Byrne "TallandFrothy" (Manassas, VA)

I am an AV technician (audio video) for concerts and shows. i am trained to tune the best of sounds out of the highest quality speakers.

I purchased these speakers expecting the least and was very surprised when i installed them.

These speakers sound beautiful. They are comparable to Bose or Alpine. I would most definitely recommend these to a friend.

Many people say that there isn't enough bass in these speakers. A little hint for ya... you cant just turn the bass up in your car and expect chest thumping goodness. You must adjust the mids and the lows and the power going to each hertz setting. These speakers have bass... they have tons of it. you just need to know how to pull it out of them.

So... if you want Bose quality at a low price... i totally recommend to anyone.

Pioneer TS-A1673R Review by Necropolis "silverdynasty" (P.G. Maryland USA)

I plugged these in and noticed that right out of the box, they sounded like crap. It really depends on the Head Unit you combine these speakers with. If you have a stock head unit in your car, these speakers might not sounds the way you want them. You really need a stereo that will let you tinker around with the graphic equalizer before these speakers will be even able to sound good.

Pioneer TS-A1673R Review by James E. Bittinger (Pennsylvania)

Bought these speakers to replace blown speaker in door of a Chevy Silverado Pickup. Installation was easy, fit in opening fine. Sound quality is good but definately have less bass than the stock speakers.

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Pioneer TS-A1673R 6.5-Inch, 220-Watt 3-Way Speakers::Description

Pioneer Ts-A1673R 6.5-Inch, 220-Watt 3-Way Speakers

Pioneer TS-A1673R:Limited time only!
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Customer Rio 90260558 Review

Customer reviews for Rio 90260558


Category: Electronics

Brand: Rio

Model: 90260558

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days.

List Price : N/A

Discount: Check Price Here!

Read Rio 90260558 Product review

Rio 90260558 Review by Carter "Carter" (New York, NY USA)

Like anything, this just takes a little getting used to. It's my first MP3 player and I've overall been really happy with it.

An anecdote - one thing I noticed on my player was that you really have to push to get the headphones in all the way. I thought the player was broken as the sound quality was tinny and metallic - I was scouring the internet for hours to see if anyone else had experienced the same problem - I was about to send the thing back. Turns out I simply hadn't pushed the headphone jack in all the way. My friends still haven't let me live that one down...

- Extendable memory
- Looks great
- Stopwatch
- FM Radio
- Easy to use menu
- Good display
- Good battery life
- Software easy to install and use
- Armband is good

- Headphones are cheap (good enough for running with though as they hook nicely over your ears)
- Stopwatch only shows last two laps and takes a bit of getting used to
- Carry clip needs to be bent into shape otherwise the player will fall out
- USB cover will get lost after two minutes of owning it
- Designed for righties
- Only plays certain file types (it won't accept a lot of the RealPlayer formats - you'll have to use Windows Media format or MP3)

Rio 90260558 Review by J. Qiu (San Diego, CA)

Before I graded the firmware to 1.33 (properly), the player was almost unusable (very poor FM reception). Unfortunately the upgrade instruction from the downloaded firmware file is INCORRECT. Just when I was ready to return it, I called the support line and got the CORRECT instruction to upgrade the firmware which made a HUGE difference. Now the FM reception is as good as my Sony Walman (which is acceptable). Here is the instruction:
1. remove the battery for 20min to drain the power, then reinstall.
2. press and hold the menu button while turning on the power. The display should now show "upgrade".
3. Connect the USB and run the upgrade program.
4. After the player shows "Idle", disconnect the USB. It will now turn off itself.
5. Turn on and reconfigure the player.

Note: this upgrade procedure will erase all user settings.

It gets a 4 star, because it still shuts down from time to time. Hopefully it won't get worse. (...).

Rio 90260558 Review by sure_shot (Phoenix, AZ)

I've spent about 4 days with a 256mb Forge, and find the features better than any other player. I wanted an iRiver flash player, but have an investment in SD cards from my Palm T3. I like the quality and software that I've experienced with an iRiver and this is my first Rio of any kind. My final decision is why pay the same for an iRiver when this has the same memory, but I can add SD cards?

I wont go into the obvious details; the product description does that.

The contoured shape is interesting and sometimes I'm not sure how to hold it. The D-pad controls seem to be better than the iRiver, not having ever held the iRiver, but its very PDA-like. Running on a AAA battery, the unit is incredibly small and delivers a claimed 20hrs. Its a trade off for the iRivers AA battery claim of 40. I haven't needed to change the battery yet, but it is definitely on track to reaching that claim.

I listen to recorded radio shows like Howard Stern and require the resume features in any player. The same requirement would be for Audible users I would imagine. The resume features are excellent. By default, it remembers the track and location at every shutdown. You can also create 10+ bookmarks for various locations.

The build quality is only OK. It looks good in pictures; solid, made of metal. In reality, its not the most durable handheld device I own. In addition, the flashy chrome looks good, but is distracting trying to read the already curvy, reflective screen. I find myself changing the angle to see the screen trying to avoid reflections. I'm also concerned the chrome will peel off in a few months.

The backlight is great; a nice even white while lighting up the controls in red. I like blue backlights, but this is a nice change for a modern look. The UI is great also, very much like my iPod, especially for such a small screen. Apple has forced manufacturers to make usablility much better.

I have had 3 issues so far:

1. Once it calaimed that my 512mb Lexar was full when it was far from it. I attribute it to the dual purpose use with a Palm PDA, so I formatted it for a clean filesystem. No problems since.

2. Occaisionally, it would reset itself, and lose my place in my track. I think is that the battery is not tight enough in the compartment, disconnecting power with a moderate bump. I stretched the spring a bit for a tighter fit. That should fix it.

3. It would not recognize the device on a Windows XP SP2 machine, but was recognized on a SP1 machine, so that may be a SP2 issue.

Overall, I would recommend it if you like the features. That is exactly why I'm willing to work through the small issues. There is nothing else that matches it feature for feature for the money.

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Rio 90260558::Description

Rio Forge 256MB Sport MP3 Player

Rio 90260558 : Limited time offer!

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Seven Star TC200 Review

Product reviews for Seven Star TC200


Category: Electronics

Brand: Seven Star

Model: TC200

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

List Price : N/A

Special Prices:

Read Seven Star TC200 User Review

Seven Star TC200 Review by Elsa Lund (MI)

We recently purchased this converter for our trip to India. It worked magnificently! I used it to run a hair dryer and straightner, a lap top computer, and for charging Game Boys. It was so nice to have a converter that worked the entire vacation. I highly recommend this converter for anyone traveling abroad.

Seven Star TC200 Review by K. Mulligan "Irish Artist" (Nashua, NH United States)

I bought this because I have cordless tools that I use in Europe and obviously the batteries needed to be recharged. This does the trick and the price is very reasonable.

Seven Star TC200 Review by Miki Mousse (Somerville, MA USA)

This transformer does the job. Just make sure the equipment you are using does not need more than about 100-150 watts. (If you need more watts, there are other models from the same company I think).

Also, I don't think this transformer takes care of the AC frequency: if you use it in the US for European equipment, it will give you 220 V at 60 Hz, not 50 Hz. You have to check with you equipment if that's fine.

More Seven Star TC200 Reviews...

Seven Star TC200::Description

Seven Star 200 Watts Voltage Converter 220/240-110/120V

Seven Star TC200 :

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Today Sales Aero 35313 On Sale!

Today Offer, Buy Aero 35313 Free Shipping!

Looking for great deals & best buy on Aero 35313 buy best price? You are in the right place to get lowest price & best buy on Aero 35313 buy best price. Yes, of course, you can compare prices and read reviews on Aero 35313 buy best price. Let's shop!

Aero 35313 Best Price


Category: Kitchen

Brand: Aero

Model: 35313

Availability: Online/In-Store

List Price : N/A

Special Prices: Check Special Offers !!!

Aero 35313 Customer reviews

Aero 35313 Review by Jacquelyn Jubert (Lake Charles, LA)

So far the mattress is oK. We use it for camping. The only complaint I would have is that you should check it every 24 hours for firmness. It seems to just deflate automatically. It doesn't go completely flat, it just gets softer. It was very convenient when I hurt my hip. I could not get into my bed so this was very useful and comfortable. I would recommend it.

Aero 35313 Review by Harry M. Datnoff

This is my 3rd purchase of an Aerobed. The mattress with the built in pump is a fantastic improvement over the older models, but the carrying case/bag is thin and cheap. The original bags were made of heavy duty vinyl, and this one was torn to shreds by the airline on my first trip. I recommend that Aero returns to the original vinyl bag, and then I will improve my rating of this product.

Aero 35313 Review by Faith

I bought this to go w/ my easy to use pop up tent (also thru Amazon). It was so nice to go camping and be set up in minutes so we could begin enjoying ourselves. I loved being able to turn it on and walk away. I read a lot of good reviews about Aerobeds & I chose this one b/c of the built in pump. I'm usually pretty good about keeping the pump w/ the bedding, but every so often they were not together and its no fun hunting the pump down when you haven't seen it since last yr, or when you do find it, it's not charged. This is no longer an issue. I don't know when we'll go camping next, so the only thing I did when I brought this home was take the batteries out and put them in the bag it comes with so I didn't ruin the built in pump by letting batteries go bad in it. I did notice after 1 night I had to pump it up a little more after 2 of us slept on it. But no big deal, just hit the on switch and fluff it up.

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AeroBed Home and Camp Queen Bed with Built-In Extra-Life Pump Description

The new AeroBed Active Home and Camp 9-inch Queen Bed with built-in extra-life pump is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Only 4D batteries are needed to operate the pump and no AC power is required so you can use it anywhere. And the pump is built-in so it adds extra convenience when it’s time to go to bed since you won’t have to hunt for your handheld pump. The pump is completely hands-free and simple to use-just press a switch and the bed automatically inflates. You’ll be set up quickly and have more time for setting up the rest of your camping gear or spending time with your guest at home. Also, the built-in quick deflation valve means you can break camp and be ready to go in no time. Rolls up and stores compactly in durable carry bag for easy transport and storage. The Home and Camp Queen Bed is ready to go wherever and whenever you are. Backed by a 2 year limited express warranty.

  • Mattress made of puncture-resistant, heavy gauge, non-allergenic PVC vinyl

  • Rolls up and stores compactly

  • Plush, velvety sleep surface

  • 3-Inch built-in pillow for added comfort and convenience

  • Fits standard size sheets

  • Item Dimensions: 78 x 60 x 9 inches; 0 pounds

  • Brand: Aero

  • Model: 35313

  • Product Type: Kitchen

...

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Light Weight Black USB Cooler Pad with 3 Built-in 60mm Fans for HP Pavilion Laptop Consumers Report

Consumer ratings: Light Weight Black USB Cooler Pad with 3 Built-in 60mm Fans for HP Pavilion Laptop


Category: Electronics

Brand: Bargaincell


Availability: In Stock

List Price : N/A

Special Prices: Check Price Here!

Light Weight Black USB Cooler Pad with 3 Built-in 60mm Fans for HP Pavilion Laptop Consumer Report

Light Weight Black USB Cooler Pad with 3 Built-in 60mm Fans for HP Pavilion Laptop Review by gallopingirl

My laptop was getting disconcertingly hot even after minimal use. The cooler is easy to use, and doesn't seem to affect my battery [which is what I assume it runs off of.] A very good value.

Light Weight Black USB Cooler Pad with 3 Built-in 60mm Fans for HP Pavilion Laptop Review by Rebecca D. Teague "collegefreak" (Colquitt, GA, USA)

I ordered this product and I must say that it was exactly what I was looking for. I have an HP Pavilion Dv6 laptop and it fit perfectly. The fans are all working properly and I have had it on non-stop for over a week now! I will definetely buy another one in the future if my current should mess up. It is lightweight and very thin!

Light Weight Black USB Cooler Pad with 3 Built-in 60mm Fans for HP Pavilion Laptop Review by T. R. Boomer "Boomer" (Los Alamos, NM United States)

I have a Compaq Evo N610C laptop with a 2.4GHz CPU and 2 GB RAM. My laptop worked ok until I started running CPU intensive fast fourier transforms. The cpu would over heat and the unit would shutdown. I bought this cooling pad as a last resort; I had nothing to lose since it was inexpensive.

The cooling pad worked great, and keeps my laptop surprisingly cool. I have not had one single overheating problem since I started using it. It is also very quiet. I highly recommend this light weight unit.

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Light Weight Black USB Cooler Pad with 3 Built-in 60mm Fans for HP Pavilion Laptop:: Description

Powered by USB bus, No additional adapter is needed. Package Includes :notebook cooler pad, USB power cable. Keep your notebook cool! This cooling pad for notebooks features three built-in 60 mm fans for easy thermal heat dissipation, keeping your notebook from getting too hot. Simply plug into your USB port!It's great for laptop users. Keeping your laptop cool can prevent all sorts of undesired symptoms caused by overheating, for example, locked or hung programs. It can be used either as a buffer for mobile users to isolate the hot bottom of laptop from your lap or keep your laptop cool if it is used as your main computer sitting on a desk running most of the day.3 fans once turned on will quietly whir the heat away from your laptop at a rate of 3000 RPM, producing 30 CFM of airflow. Hot air is sucked in from the bottom of the laptop and exhausted through the opening on the rear.

Light Weight Black USB Cooler Pad with 3 Built-in 60mm Fans for HP Pavilion Laptop : Limited time offer!

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